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Dear Friends:

When I was a little boy growing up in Nigeria, I was often perplexed by the great poverty and want I saw in my country.  We had been blessed with education and Christian faith, but many others around us lived on meager means and in dire need.  Among the poorest of the poor lived a feeble, infirm old woman.  She was all alone, without family or friends, totally desolate in the world.  So lowly was she that no one would even empty the bucket she filled with her waste, and it sat reeking and gathering flies.  When my father saw this, he went and took the bucket and emptied it for her, without a word.

But this made a deep impression on me, little boy that I was.  That was the kind of man I wanted to be; a man like my father, a man like Jesus.  God has blessed me all my life, first in Nigeria and then bringing me to the United States, when I have had a successful career as a civil engineer.  But I have never forgotten that incident with my father and the old woman.  I have never been able to enjoy all the blessings God has given me without remembering my people in Nigeria who live in such poverty and have no access to education. 

And so, many years ago, I started collecting books for these people, my people in Nigeria, with the help of my people here, my American friends who have opened their generous hearts to help.  The result has been EON (Education Opportunities Nigeria).  We are a small nonprofit, but we do our best to provide Nigerians with some of the resources they need to climb out of their need and illiteracy and begin the journey to fullness of life.  Won’t you pray for us and do what you can to help?  You will be on your way too, then to blessings and fullness of life.     


Christopher Falade